Pink Portrait (Self),  2018. Detail.

Pink Portrait (Self), 2018. Detail.

The Portrait Show
Rena Bransten Gallery
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco, CA
June 23 - August 18, 2018

The Portrait Show is a group exhibition exploring portraiture from traditional to non-traditional approaches in a range of media. This diverse grouping of works spans the humorous to the somber, nodding to the rich history of the portrait while aiming to expand its boundaries. The exhibition includes works by Robert Arneson, John Bankston, Dawoud Bey, Jonathan Calm, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Rupert Garcia, Jennifer Greenburg, Leiko Ikemura, Oliver Lee Jackson, Eirik Johnson, Arnold Kemp, Bovey Lee, David Linger, Hung Liu, Tracey Moffatt, Martin Mull, Tameka Jenean Norris, Raymond Pettibon, Naaman Rosen, Thomas Ruff, Salomé, Amparo Sard, Peter Saul, Tracey Snelling, Kumie Tsuda, Tara Tucker, John Waters, Lewis Watts, & Henry Wessel, among others.

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